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TN Information
What is TN ?
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ratified in 1992 by Canada, the United States and Mexico created a new temporary permit for designated NAFTA professionals known in the U.S. as the TN-1 permit and in Canada as the NAFTA permit.

NAFTA Permits may be issued only to citizens of Canada, the U.S. or Mexico who have received an offer of employment from any NAFTA member country. NAFTA Permits are temporary, non-immigrant permits and are valid only in one (1) year increments. Most may be renewed without restriction provided that the underlying position remain "temporary" in nature. NAFTA Permits are employer and employment - specific and may only be used for employment in the designated occupation and for the designated employer listed on the permit document itself.

NAFTA Permits afford the holder the opportunity to live and work in any NAFTA member nation on a temporary basis. Alternatively, one may use a NAFTA Permit to commute to and from their employment while maintaining residence in their home country. Dependent family members (defined generally as spouse and minor children) may accompany the permit holder but are not authorized to accept employment.

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